Professor Adrian Furnham
Professor Adrian Furnham

Renowned internationally as one of the most productive psychologists in the world, Professor Adrian Furnham is an engaging and entertaining speaker and a widely published journalist, as well as one of HR Magazine’s 20 Most Influential People in HR.

Combining business with psychology, he is an expert on behavioural economics, covering topics such as the new economic mind, the psychology of behaviour at work and the psychology of money. Amongst many others, he can discuss fascinating subjects such as the psychology of theft and fraud, psychiatry literacy, personality disorders, leadership derailment, and counterwork behaviours.

A graduate of the London School of Economics and Oxford University, Adrian has lectured widely at the UK’s top universities and has held scholarships and visiting professorships at many of the world’s elite learning institutions, including the University of Hong Kong, Henley Management College and the Norwegian School of Management.

As a consultant to many major international companies, Adrian specialises in team development; management change; performance management systems; psychometric testing and leadership derailment.

With vast amounts of publications under his belt, including newspaper columns for the Financial Times, Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph, Adrian expounds his knowledge in over 1200 scientific papers and 95 books translated into 40 languages including Culture Shock; The Economic Mind; The Protestant Work Ethic; The Psychology of Behaviour at Work; Psychology of Managerial Incompetence; Heart and Mind Management; The People Business; The Psychology of Physical Attractiveness; 50 Psychology Ideas; The Elephant in the Boardroom; Body Language in Business; Bad Apples; Leadership –Everything you want to know; The New Psychology of Money; Psychology 101, Twenty Ways to Assess People. 

Adrian is unique. He does not own a mobile phone. A self-confessed ‘well-adjusted workaholic’, he rides a bike to work and loves life’s simple pleasures – travelling, writing and arguing.

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