Charlie Martin
Charlie Martin

Charlie Martin represents a paradigm shift in motorsport that has never been seen before, in 2020 she made LGBTQ history at the ADAC TOTAL 24 Nürburgring-Rennen, one of motor racing’s toughest endurance races. She has captured the imagination of people around the world, her story has been shared on national television in the national news and in some of the most prestigious international publications.

As a transgender woman in motorsport, Charlie occupies a unique role both within her sport and the LGBTQ community, making her a perfect fit for brands looking for a strong & charismatic ambassador who can champion their ability to challenge the status quo. Her fearlessness both in and out of the car makes Charlie one of the most eye catching and engaging drivers competing in international motor racing today. Her tenacity & self-belief have helped her to overcome the impossible and push for change when the odds were stacked against her. In a sport lacking visible diversity, she stands out. She is changing perceptions and championing inclusivity. Charlie Martin is a game changer.

Photo credit: Praga cars/Marc Bow

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